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Our award winning sites have been featured in publications ranging from the Harvard Business Review to the Journal of the American Medical Association (seriously,) as well as Wired, Internet World, PC Magazine, Horticulture, dozens of other magazines and newspapers and on CNN and National Public Radio. We know that's hard to believe, but hey, this is the Web!

These are the sites published by the Mirror:

 o GardenWeb

Perhaps the most popular gardening site on the Web, GardenWeb has a plethora of resources for the horticulturally inclined and has garnered numerous awards. Not one of which was paid for!

 o That Home Site!

Our latest effort brings a little humor to the matter of maintaining the modern home. But these forums offer serious help to the beleaguered family. Well, pretty serious.

 o features forums for bird lovers and others who enjoy the outdoors. Well, not enough to ignore their computers!

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